For the Plant Biology Europe Congress 2021, ASN is preparing a fully virtual exhibition “Capture the Future(s): OUR BIO-TECH PLANET. The Routes to Roots Networks and Beyond”. The exhibition will combine the worlds of art, science and innovation, providing an international survey of artworks created by artists in collaboration with scientists in the field of life sciences and biotechnology.

Exhibition’s Opening – 27 June 2021

App available from 27 June 2021

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TITLE    Capture the Future(s): OUR BIO-TECH PLANET. The Routes to Roots Networks and Beyond

DATE    from 27.06.2021

LOCATION virtual exhibition

Andre Bartetzki (DE), Marta Bączyk (PL), Anna Dumitriu (GB), Marille Hahne (DE/CH), Joanna Hoffmann (PL/DE), Małgorzata Kaczmarek (PL), Larys Lubowicki (PL), Pei-Ying Lin (TW/NL), Paulina Misiak (PL), Alex May (GB), Jill Scott (AU/CH), Piotr Słomczewski (PL), Maria Subczyńska (PL), Jadwiga Subczyńska (PL), Diana Taukin (BY/PL)

Plant Biology Europe (PBE2021) – a biennial congress jointly organized by the Federation of European Societies of Plant Biology (FESPB) and the European Plant Science Organization (EPSO) – focuses on delivering the latest scientific developments in plant biology, following an inclusive approach where long-standing research sectors and novel breakthrough topics are showcased, including aspects of science policy and ethics, and fostering participation of young scientists.

The exhibition’s concept was initially developed within the interdisciplinary project: Rhizosphere: The Big Network of Small Worlds – a comprehensive art, research & education project inspired by research on plant network strategies and the “Wood Wide Web”, investigating the potential impact of the gained knowledge on the process of cultural paradigms change, increase of the ecological awareness, and development of the social ecosystems. In further development, the art & science exhibition incorporated the presentation of the CHIC Consortium ASN Artists-in-Residence/Labs Program.


27 June, 6 pm
28-29 June, 5:30 pm
30 June, 7 pm
1 July, 6 pm
exhibition’s Opening
live virtual curatorial tour
Let’s eat CHICque. Gourmet Aftertastes
online cooking workshop
The Unnatural, That too is Natural
live online, art & science talk
Art in Science & Technology Education
The Future of STEAM Education
live online, art & science talk

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Rhizosphere: The Big Network of Small Worlds is a comprehensive art-science-education project based on long-term cooperation between the Studio of Transdisciplinary Projects & Research (the Faculty of Art Education and Curatorial Studies) at the University of Arts in Poznań (UAP) and the Faculty of Biology of the Adam Mickiewicz University (UAM). Rhizosphere is rapidly growing its interdisciplinary and international network.

The project is related to the current scientific research on plants’ social networks and Wood Wide Web exploring its potential impact on cultural paradigms and the evolution of our societal ecosystems. It is designed as a collaborative platform based on “symbiosis, diversity and interdependence” embracing interdisciplinary workshops, lectures, and artworks stimulating cognitive, creative and communication processes and increasing social and ecological awareness. The project’s leaders:
Prof. UAP, dr hab. Joanna Hoffmann
Piotr Słomczewski (assistant, PhD candidate)
Prof. dr hab. Marlena Lembicz
Prof. UAM, dr hab. Władysław Polcyn

The exhibition embraces the presentation of the Project with related artworks of renown as well as emerging artists of the Rhizosphere network:


CHIC is an EU Horizon 2020 Project in Biotech Research & Innovation, which supports the establishment of a responsible innovation pathway for the development and application of New Plant Breeding Techniques for chicory. A selected team of international artists were invited to collaborate with CHIC researchers, visited their labs and engaged in a productive exchange of knowledge and outputs.

by Anna Dumitriu & Alex May

by Jill Scott & Marille Hahne

CHIC Partners

Press Kit of the exhibition is available for download here