Public engagement and education are one of the most important challenges for the art & science community. Since 2015 ASN has successfully established itself as a platform for sharing knowledge, ideas, and experience. Art and innovation have featured consistently in the evolution of ASN, in addition to research and innovation.


ASN value meaningful partnerships that can help bring your business or project to life. We feel strongly that challenging and promoting interdisciplinary excellence in art and science adds to the society of knowledge and culture which has enormous power to transform not only people’s lives but also businesses as well.

A bespoke partnership with ASN provides:

  • strategic brand awareness and alignment
  • unique and innovative client engagement opportunities
  • strategic staff engagement or volunteering opportunities
  • opportunities to collaborate with one of the world’s most established art science organisations

Public Engagement

Artists through their various creative and unique communication strategies, bridging various areas of human experience and research, can help to open new perceptions to the general public and to encourage people to think out of the box. Public engagement with the arts, make it possible to deal with fundamental philosophical, social and political questions.

Engaging people of all ages with innovative ideas through public engagement extends the knowledge, ideas, and experience of ASN’s team, partners and members to the global community. ASN nurtures and fuels curiosity, amongst the audiences that engage with our projects. Across all ages and in the various places around the world that our international network reaches. We value the evolving needs and behaviors of our audience, in particular, the new generations who are choosing to engage with creativity, science, research, and innovation.

We support, assist orphans.


Any kind of sponsoring will enhance our mission statement and objectives. Sponsoring can be in various forms:

  • with a monthly symbolic €
  • with a once off of donation/benefactor
  • financial support for activities ( project/ panel discussion/ workshop/exhibition/publication etc)
  • sponsor an internship
  • financial support for artist/artwork
  • technical partnership
  • knowledge sharing
  • network sharing/ community support

We appreciate that sponsorships are not philanthropic donations rather that they are business investments from which our partners want to see purposeful and measurable results. Sponsorships and partnerships support ASN’s mission to benefit the society of knowledge and to democratize access to knowledge.

Support now:

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