Peatbog in Rzecin - Rhizosphere fieldwork

In May we went for fieldwork at the research base at the peatbog in Rzeciń. It  is a special area of 236,4 ha, protected by Nature 2000

It is located in the western part of Greater Poland in a depression between the dunes of the Notecka Forest, between the Warta and Noteć rivers, and includes Lake Rzecińskie with an adjacent, extensive transitional peat bog, meadows, rushes and willow thickets.

This area is valuable because of its rich mosaic of ecosystems, including many protected and rare species. The peat bog is also of great importance for the protection of transitional peat bogs, endangered ecosystems in this part of Poland.

We were guided by Prof. Mariusz Lamentowicz (A.Mickiewicz University UAM) and Prof.Bogdan Chojnicki (Poznań University of Life Sciences)a