Curator in European art-science program in Berlin

ASN is seeking a highly motivated Curator, with experience in art and science, and with IT skills:


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Curatorial education
  • Curatorial experience of at least two years in art / science synergy
  • Talent for organizing, presenting, and communicating messages effectively through design
  • Excellent project management and organizational skills
  • Knowledge of fund-raising for cultural projects
  • Good team working skills, particularly with artists and scientists
  • Excellent research and IT skills

Job Description:

  • Assisting the board of management
  • Fund-raising researches & applications for CHIC project
  • Organizing and managing projects (CHIC-exhibitions, -workshops, -discussions, etc.)
  • Developing ASN ambitions, objectives, and needs
  • Supporting and assisting ASN stakeholders (especially volunteers, artists, and scientists)
  • Developing and sustaining communication and PR strategies defined by ASN management
  • Writing communications (press releases, etc.)
  • Maintaining and committing media, institutions, and companies

We offer:

  • An international and exciting working environment
  • Multidisciplinary working fields in Chicory projects
  • Long-term visions
  • Knowledge sharing
  • At least one year contract with possibility of 3 years extension

We ask:

  • High university education or equivalent
  • Communication skills
  • Deep commitment to ASN ambitions and objectives
  • Strong motivation for connecting the worlds of art and science
  • Long and well-recognized experience in Art & Science is an advantage
  • Excellent English and Polish, German appreciated

Thank you for sending your application with CV and Motivation Letter to:

Closing call: 30 May 2020 /12:00h

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Digital Animation Artist/student for European art-science program in Berlin

ASN is seeking for a Digital Animation Artist or student experienced in art and science, and with IT skills:

Main tasks:

  • Structuring, improving, feeding, updating, and maintenance of web page and social media
  • Creating and updating animations
  • Working as part of a team
  • Advising and guiding a team
  • Providing technical assistance
  • Organizing workshops and presentations
  • Maintaining IT equipment
  • Assisting in and supporting events and exhibitions
  • Developing innovative communication and PR tools and strategies

We are offering:

  • International and exciting working environment
  • Multidisciplinary working fields
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Task-specific contract for at least 1 year with possibility of extension (see below under “Creative Animation“)

We are expecting:

  • University education or equivalent
  • Skills in IT, 3D digital/interactive tech, VR, AR, (or even Holography…?)
  • Strong team working abilities
  • Excellent English and German
  • German and/or Polish is appreciated
  • Deep commitment to ASN ambitions and objectives
  • Strong motivation for connecting the worlds of art and science

(Students and retired experts welcome)

Thank you for sending your application with CV & Motivation Letter to:

Closing call: 31 December 2019 /12:00h

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CREATIVE ANIMATION,  Call for Proposals

Art & Science Node (ASN) is glad to announce a call for proposals for a creative animation in the form of a short video clip, to be used as a communication tool for an ongoing (EU-funded) Chicory research project.

PROJECT FOCUS: Chicory researches

CHICORY is a research project that seeks to establish responsible innovation pathways for developing and using New Plant Breeding Techniques (NPBTs) for chicory as a multipurpose crop for the production of inulin and terpenes. It aims to develop chicory varieties that can be used to produce dietary fiber with enhanced probiotic effects to promote gut health. At the same time, given its biosynthetic capacity, high yields and low agronomic requirements, chicory has significant potential as a versatile production host in molecular farming for the production of many additional health-related products with benefits for consumers. CHIC also aims to investigate the extraction of other health-related compounds, such as terpenes as potential lead molecules for drug development.


As a member of the CHIC consortium, we at ASN are responsible for communicating the scientific research of the consortium in an innovative way by bringing together artists and scientists in a productive dialogue. We intend to focus our efforts on engaging scientists, artists, and humanists to expand the discussion around the CHIC project beyond merely the chicory plant, and to engage a broader audience in a deep conversation about the progress in biotechnology and sustainable new ways of using plants to produce food and medicines.

More information about our philosophy and past projects can be found on our website at


This animation will be used by ASN and other members of the CHIC consortium for promotional, educational, and artistic purposes. It should be designed in a form appropriate for presenting on websites or social media, as well as an independent video clip to accompany artistic and educative events, such as exhibitions, workshops, lectures, debates, or presentations.


The animation should last 3 minutes and be divided into 3 equal parts, each focused on the following topics:

  1. The first section will introduce the identity of the CHIC consortium, an international research project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation program, that brings together a team of 17 industrial, academic, and public participants, located across Europe and in New Zealand. This section will also introduce the individual identities of the participating groups. (1 min.)
  2. The second section should focus on detailing the research of the CHIC project. The selected team may need to interface through ASN to find out more about their research. We can also provide more details about the research at an appropriate point in the process. (1 min.)
  3. The third and final section should focus on discussing the broader impacts of the CHIC research program for the European Union, including the integration of art and science. This section should be able to stand on its own as an introduction and the promotional material for upcoming events that ASN will organize, such as exhibitions or workshops, to communicate ongoing results from the CHIC project. Thus this final section may be updated periodically, for an additional fee. (1 min.)


We would like the background music to be subtle and minimal yet engaging, preferably electronic music, with all rights included (either an original composition of the creators, rights secured by the creators, or open source material).


Each participant can present one to three ideas for the creative concept of the animation. The presented concepts should indicate some sense of the proposed visual aesthetic. This could take the form of either a set of storyboards, or a short trailer / video clip. Along with the initial concept submission, we also ask for a portfolio of previous relevant work.


The selected contractor will receive first a fee with payment details to be worked out once we enter into an agreement for the commission. In the case of modification of the animation, in order to adapt it to the subsequent events organized by the ASN (see: ‘Content’), the contractor will receive a fee  for each change.


30/12/2019: deadline for sending the proposals with to ” ”

01/12 – 31/12/2019: evaluation of the proposals (including possible meetings with participants)

15/01/2020: final selection of the contractor

Initial proposals, consisting of either storyboards or a short trailer / clip, along with references and a link to your portfolio, should be submitted to the following address:   ” “.

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Permanent opportunities


At ASN, volunteers are a core part of our team, and come from many different backgrounds, with different skill sets and interests. We are always open to hearing from potential new volunteers with an interest in art and science. We choose our volunteers by matching our current needs with the interests and skills of applicants. Interested applicants should submit a letter of motivation and current CV to, with the subject “Volunteer Application.”

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We are also happy to host students with interests or skills in art and science as part of an internship or praktikum program with your university, or within a program such as Erasmus (+). Interested candidates should have the details clearly resolved with your institution or program before contacting ASN. Applicants should submit a letter of motivation, current CV, and a letter explaining the details of your internship or praktikum program to, with the subject “Internship Application.”

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We currently have a residency opportunity for a graphic designer / animator or media artist, with skills in 3D platforms and/or interactive VR, AR (augmented reality), and other interactive tools. Interested candidates should contact us with a CV and work samples for more information on this opportunity at, with the subject “Residency Opportunity.”

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Multidisciplinary Collaboration

We are always looking for new collaborators or partners with a commitment to excellence and innovation in art and science. We are happy to hear from any of the following, to discuss how we might work together in the future:

  • Other art/science organizations
  • Informal associations or groups
  • IT or other private sector companies
  • Individual artists, scientists, humanists, and researchers in any academic discipline
  • Potential supporters with visions or resources to promote art and science

Interested parties should contact us with a letter of motivation describing your ideas for collaboration at, with the subject “Multidisciplinary Collaboration.”

The opportunities listed here are open until further notice. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests for further information.