An international exhibition in the frame of the Fascination of Plants Days 2022 global event coordinated by EPSO European Plant Societies Organisation

when: 23.05 – 10.06. 2022 where: Gallery of the Club for Science & Art, Collegium Biologicum A.Mickieiwcz University Poznań, Poland

An international art exhibition organized by Art & Science Node in cooperation with the Club for Science & Art and the Studio of Transdisciplinary Projects and Research (FAECS / the University of Arts in Poznań) is a continuation of the virtual exhibition Our Biotech Planet: The Routes to Roots Networks and Beyond, accompanying the Plant Biology Europe 2021 congress. The exhibition bridges the project Rhizospehre The Big network of Small Worlds with ASN Artists-in-Labs Program at CHIC Consortium– a EU founded, Horizon 2020 project.

The exhibition embraces artworks created by artists inspired by scientific research and collaborating with scientists in the field of life sciences and biotechnology. In the face of threats and challenges of the age of Anthropocene, we are turning to the wisdom of plants and to incredibly effective and durable plant communication root systems that have evolved over millions of years, ensuring the growth and evolutionary success of all stakeholders. We hope that the knowledge we gain from plants will lead us to a more sustainable and better future.

The exhibition embraced the new photographic works from the series Regnum Animale by Larys Lubowicki (PL) and the series of artistic objects Natural Call IN by Paulina Anna Misiak (PL) as well as video-animation Marsquake by Jadwiga Subczyńska (PL), video-performance: Broken Links by Maria Subczyńska(PL) and video presentations of ASN/CHIC artists in Lab: Anna Dumitriu & Alex May (UK) of their artistic project: Biotechnology from the Blue Flower and Jill Scott (AU,CH) & Marille Hahne (DE,CH): Aftertaste- Molecular Orchestra.

The works by renowned artists were accompanied by students’ projects realized at the Studio for Transdisciplinary Projects & Research (FACS / University of Arts in Poznan): Patrycja Grabska: Replant, adaptation, Dominka Hoyle – Shortwave Omen, Magdalena Luch – Dream and Magdalena Polakowska – Presence

The physical exhibition was expanded by the virtual ASN AR exhibition: Our Biotech Planet app with artworks by Andre Bartetzki (DE), Marta Bączyk (PL), Anna Dumitriu (UK), Alex May (UK), Joanna Hoffmann (PL/DE), Larys Lubowicki (PL), Pei-Ying Lin (TW/NL), Paulina Misiak (PL), Jill Scott (AU/CH), Piotr Słomczewski (PL), Maria Subczyńska (PL), Jadwiga Subczyńska (PL), Diana Taukin (BY/PL)

Curators: Joanna Hoffmann & Piotr Słomczewski