An international exhibition in the frame of the Fascination of Plants Days 2022

An international exhibition of artistic works organized by Art & Science Node in cooperation with the Studio of Transdisycplinary Projects and Research FAECS of the University of Arts in Poznań and the Club for Science & Art at the Faculty of Biology Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland

The exhibition at the Collegium Biologicum AMU is a continuation of the virtual exhibition Our Biotech Planet: The Routes to Roots Networks and Beyond, accompanying the Plant Biology Europe 2021 congress. The exhibition bridged the project Rhizospehre The Big network of Small Worlds with ASN Artists-in-Residence/Labs Program at CHIC Consortium – a EU founded, Horizon 2020 project.

The exhibition WHAT NEXT: Between Networks – Rhizomes and Flows embraces:

Exhibition at the Gallery of the Club for Science and Art with:

Patrycja Grabska: Replant, adaptation; Larys Łubowicki – Regnum Animale; Paulina Anna Misiak – Natural CallIn; Magdalena Polakowska – Shortwave Omen

Wideo Program:

Dominka Hoyle – Krótkofalowy Omen; Magdalena Luch – Dream; ; Jadwiga Subczyńska – Marsquake; Maria Subczyńska – Broken Links, CHIC ASN Artists in Residence: Anna Dumitriu & Alex May: Biotechnology from the Blue Flower & Jill Scott – Aftertaste

And the AR app: Capture the Future: Our Biotech Planet with works by:

Andre Bartetzki (DE), Marta Bączyk (PL), Anna Dumitriu (UK), Alex May (UK), Marille Hahne (DE/CH), Joanna Hoffmann (PL/DE), Larys Lubowicki (PL), Pei-Ying Lin (TW/NL), Paulina Misiak (PL), Jill Scott (AU/CH), Piotr Słomczewski (PL), Maria Subczyńska (PL), Jadwiga Subczyńska (PL), Diana Taukin (BY/PL)