SCIENCE: Mycorrhizal Wealth of Karpaty / SPUN EXPEDITION

from the Bieszczady Forest to Science Labs and Big Data visualisations

Putative ecological categories in plant-fungal interactions
revealed by inferential network analysis

Mikołaj Charchuta, Maksymilian Chmielewski, Prof. Władysław Polcyn
Adam Mickiewicz University, Department of Plant Physiology,
Bioinformatics Section of Natural Sciences Club

We are proudly presenting an automated clusters analysis workflow of Tilia cordata rhizosphere mycobiomes. NGS data was obtained from nursery pots and seedlings established in situ, a year after planting in the forest. FUNGuildtool was used to divide species into six highly probable lifestyles.

Awarded poster was presented at the VII National Microbiologic Symposium in Lublin, Conference Centre 20-21.06.2023.