Two artistic residencies by Jill Scott & Marille Hahne and Anna Dumitriu & Alex May are being completed in the course of the Artists-in-Residence Program, as a part of CHIC Innovation Consortium research.

Two artistic residencies at partner research institutes/ organizations were foreseen to be performed for the whole period of the project’s implementation. For that purpose, ASN has selected artists who applied through a competitive application process. Artists were selected based on the detailed descriptions and sketches of their proposed artworks, and their experience and engagement within the art-science environment.

The chosen artists – the artistic duets of Jill Scott & Marille Hahne and Anna Dumitriu & Alex May – are all deeply committed to the aims of linking scientific research and ideas with approaches used in digital art, fostering interdisciplinary work towards an exchange of cultures and milieus. Their projects – Aftertaste: Molecular Orchestra & Biotechnology from the Blue Flower – are interactive, multimedia experiences, incorporating best practices among science-based art.

VISIT THE PROJECT –Jill Scott & Marille Hahne – AFTERTASTE

VISIT THE PROJECT – Anna Dumitriu & Alex May – Biotechnology from the Blue Flower

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