Anna Dumitriu

Anna Dumitriu is a British artist who works with BioArt, sculpture, installation, and digital media to explore our relationship to infectious diseases, synthetic biology and robotics.

She has an extensive international exhibition profile: ZKM, Ars Electronica, BOZAR, Picasso Museum, V & A Museum, Philadelphia Science Center, MOCA Taipei, LABoral, Art Laboratory Berlin, and Museum of the History of Science Oxford. Dumitriu was the 2018 President of the Science and the Arts section of the British Science Association. Currently, she holds a visiting research fellowship at the University of Hertfordshire, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, and Waag Society. Artist-in-residence roles include Modernising Medical Microbiology Project. The University of Oxford, and the National Collection of Type Cultures at Public Health England.

Dumitriu is a renowned speaker and has presented her work at venues including TATE Modern, Princeton University, Imperial College, La Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature, Mendel Museum and UCLA. Her work is featured in many books. Such as “Bio Art: Altered Realities” published by Thames and Hudson in 2016. And many other significant publications across contemporary art and science. Including Artforum International Magazine, Leonardo Journal, The Art Newspaper, Art Quarterly, Nature and The Lancet. Dumitriu’s work has a strong focus on the ethical implications of emerging technologies. Drawing threads across time, exploring future scenarios by reflecting on the past.

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Alex May

Alex May is a British artist creating digital technologies to challenge and augment physical and emotional human boundaries on a personal and societal level in a hyper-connected, software mediated, politically and environmentally unstable world.

May works with light, code, and time; notably algorithmic photography, robotic artworks, video projection mapping installations, interactive and generative works, video sculpture, performance, and video art.

May has exhibited internationally. At the Francis Crick Institute (permanent collection), Eden Project (permanent collection), Tate Modern, Ars Electronica (Austria), and LABoral (Spain). Victoria & Albert Museum, Royal Academy of Art, Wellcome Collection, Science Museum, Bletchley Park, One Canada Square in Canary Wharf. The Museum of Contemporary Art (Venezuela), Science Gallery (Dublin) and Princeton University. University of Calgary (international visiting artist 2016), Texas A&M University. The Beall Center for Art + Technology and the University of California, Irvine. Alex is a Visiting Research Fellow: Artist in Residence with the School of Computer Science of University of Hertfordshire. Alex is a Digital Media Arts MA sessional lecturer at the University of Brighton.

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