Art & Innovation aims at presenting various ways how the New comes into and affects the world. It reveals inherent relations between creativity and innovation.


It is important to bring the world of art and the world of innovation together. The chance and challenge are to raise the awareness of art and science synergy’s influence on shaping the culture of today and the future. The series of exhibitions “Creativity and Innovation, Art & Patents” were organized in cooperation with German Patent and Trademark Office – Information & Service Centre Berlin. The concept is to reveal the juxtaposition between the artistic ideas and related achievements in technologies to the audience.

Art & Innovation events deal with the spirit of our times; with questions and challenges it rises. One of these challenges lays in communication between various milieus. It constitutes the base for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and development of the society of knowledge. The process of communication has a value being a shared experience. Knowledge exchange introduces various points of view and opens new perspectives. Art plays a specific role in it – it underlines the importance of diversity, individual expression and creative powers of each human being.



Werner Heisenberg claimed that artists’ creativity arises out from the interplay between the so called “spirit of the times” and the individual. The “spirit of the times” is surely determined by scientific innovations, thus it is natural that art and science go hand in hand.

Joanna Hoffmann
ASN Chair


The exhibition “Creativity & Innovation: Art Meets Science at Long Night of Sciences 2016” took place at German Patent and Trademark Office in Berlin. The artwork of renowned artists from Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey and USA was linked to a selection of patents related to the materials, technologies & techniques used in them. The exhibition presented thus various ways in which our increasingly technical world enters the world of art and culture. The viewers confronted the works that made them reflect on how innovation and innovative solutions come into the world; what happens when science meets art; what the role of patents in the technological development is.


How does the New come into the world? What happens when math creations combine with mathematical science art? What role do patents play in this relationship? Renowned international artists and scientists presented their works together with selected patents. Have you ever wandered back and forth through a helix or heard prime numbers? Have you ever experienced M.C. Escher style of two-dimensional space graphics stirring your perception into the third dimension? The exhibition presented trending innovations in technology, biotechnology, mathematics, natural sciences and more that inspire the work of modern media-based artists.