Mycorrhizal Wealth of Karpaty / SPUN EXPEDITION

Maria Subczynska graduated from the University of Arts in Poznań in the Faculty of Multimedia Communication. She creates art inspired by mycelium, interspecies communication and love. She seeks an answer to the question about the roles of art and the artist in the Anthropocene era, in the “toxic culture” of divisions and conflicts, which is expressed in the state of (un)health of individuals, societies and the environment. She looks for ways to “rebuild connections”, to create a language that would have the power to create bonds and exchange interspecies messages. She feels like an ambassador of plants, mushrooms, stones, minerals and animals on Earth.
In her artistic practice, she uses various media, usually working at the intersection of various fields, art and science, biology and spirituality. She tries to find common points for the divided reality.


The subject of my artistic search is the form of establishing communication with the mushroom, a form that will take many shapes (shapeshifting).
The work will take the form of sound, science fiction stories, applications, AR, VR, 3D space, and short films. What is important to me is the interaction of man with technology and nature, as well as education about ecological awareness and sensitivity to the beauty of disappearing nature, which must be protected against harmful forest management and human greed.
I would like the recipient of my art to reflect on how to protect nature, in particular, the areas of the Bieszczady Mountains; to experience a meditative state through alternate visions of the world, new tunnels of reality, art and stories about a world that could be different (see Solar Punk). Referring to the title, I will give a voice to mushrooms, I will give a voice to indigenous peoples, I will give a voice to technology and artificial intelligence.

The title refers to the message Terence McKenna received from Mushroom and which he recited. and a study on alternative forms of voices heard by people under the influence of psilocybin. “Listening for the Logos: a study of reports of audible voices at high doses of psilocybin”