An artistic project realised in the interactive immersive environment being developed by EpiLab Team  lead by Joanna Hoffmann .

EpiMimesis is an artistic team project referring to the perpetual human ambition to gain knowledge over ‘Big Data’ for tailoring a better future. Epimimesis evokes the notion of mimesis as a creative method of combining art, science, and technology. Towards striving to create a new quality or orientation of mind, for stimulating imagination and reflection. 

Is All Data?

If we are a set of data, which is never independent, or free, and always in interaction with other data or between sets of data?

Between all other environmental parameters, how will our unique set of data change?

How will the data transform?

How will it be identified in a different environment, with different operators? What are we here & now? What can we be now & there?

Challenging the latest imaging technologies and interaction, the interdisciplinary artwork combines real scientific data and expertise. In the area of biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology and the humanities with artistic strategies and visions. Essentially exploring our shifting of identities on biological, personal and social levels. Within the everchanging environmental data powered by merging bio-tech and digital-tech revolutions.

The immersive and interactive narrative of EpiMimesis evolves in the supercomputer environment or a universe as a supercomputer. Assuming consequently – all is data.

The interActor acts as a catalyst of processes. They are carried by the virtual system, through various levels of the organisation of matter from the entanglement of elementary particles through geometries of molecular structures and the cellular network to the most complex eigen-dynamics of our all complexity of our encoded world, with continuous data communication at all levels. However, in a nonstable/unstable system, the results can attend to unexpected outcomes if all data, sets of data are not entirely and well controlled.

epiMimesis, Epizone V: Shifting Identities






Meaning of EpiMimesis

The prefix epi (originated in the Greek prefix epi- (ἐπι- “over, outside of, around”). It refers to the influence of the environment (both physical and digital) on an individual ‘set of data’ (such as mySelf) and on evolutionary processes.

The term mimesis (from the Greek term mimeisthai, “imitate”) indicates an imitative representation of the sensual world (nature). Developed by Plato and Aristotle, the term mimesis suggests a creative interpretation or modeling of nature. Looking not only for that what “is” or “was”, but what is likely or possible.

The structure of EpiMimersis is divided into several parts named ‘EpiZones, referring to various levels of organisation of matter and research areas.

Epizone V is at the heart of EpiMimesis.