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ASN is a platform for sharing knowledge, ideas and experience between scientific and artistic milieus.

  • Committed to challenging and promoting interdisciplinary excellence in art and science.
  • Promoting the synergy between art and science for innovation and creativity.
  • Defining and strengthening the role and place of art in the society of knowledge.
  • Developing an artistic/scientific/research community and network as a source of valuable knowledge, based on individual and interdisciplinary studies, on openness and cooperation.
    To dare.

Committed to the sustainability of synergy between Art, Science and Technology.

  • Creating opportunities for the powerful exchange of ideas between theorists and practitioners in the art, science and technology.
  • Bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to explore and generate new ideas and alternative perspectives on science and culture.
  • Mobilizing and stimulating the domains of art, science and technology to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
  • Offering graciously to artists and scientists, international and multidisciplinary platform for the self-exhibition of outstanding works.

All activities graciously comply with the stated ambitions and aims such as Art & Science events, presentations, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and symposia.

  • Information flow in the area of Art & Science, networking, mentoring artists and scientists.
  • Cooperation with artists and scientists, with universities/academic institutions, with research institutes and with industry partners.
  • Cooperation with institutions and organizations.
  • Cooperation with existing venues in Art & Science.
  • Assisting orphans through community engagement & STEAM educational opportunities.

Our stakeholders
The society of knowledge