Accompanying, supporting, disseminating, sciences to the society with

Our innovative communication strategy through art.


Joanna Hoffmann by FEBS Conference 2019


ASN is a platform for sharing knowledge, ideas & experience between scientific & artistic milieus:

– we challenge and promote interdisciplinary excellence in art and science

– we bolster the synergy between art and science for innovation and creativity

– we define and strengthen the role and place of art in the society of knowledge

– we develop an artistic/scientific/research community and network as a source of valuable knowledge, based on individual and interdisciplinary studies, on openness and cooperation

Capture the Future(s) debate, ASN opening 2015

ASN is committed to the sustainability of synergy between Art, Science and Technology:

– we create opportunities for the powerful exchange of ideas between theorists and practitioners in the art, science and technology

– we bring people from diverse backgrounds together in order to explore and generate new ideas and alternative perspectives on science and culture

– we mobilize and stimulate the domains of art, science and technology in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century

– we offer international and multidisciplinary platform to artists and scientists for the self-exhibition of their outstanding works

Jill Scott, artist in residence/CHIC Project 2018-2022

All activities comply with the stated ambitions and aims such as art & science events, presentations, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and symposia. We enforce:

– information flow in the area of art & science

– networking and mentoring artists and scientists

– cooperation with artists and scientists, with universities/academic institutions, with research institutes and with industry partners

– cooperation with institutions and organizations

– cooperation with existing venues in art & science

– assisting orphans through community engagement & STEAM educational opportunities

Art Science Node
Capture the Future(s): Evolution II, Elusive Identity

Our stakeholders is the society of knowledge