SPUN EXPEDITION / Fungi Hotspots of the Carpathians

Rhizosphere: SPUN EXPEDITION / Fungi Hotspots of the Carpathians 

Gallery Curators’ Lab, ul.Nowowiejskiego 12, Poznan; 11.04 – 05.05.2024, vernissage 11.04. at 6pm


Art & Science exhibition presenting the results of the Mycorrhizal Wealth of the Eastern Carpathians research project as part of the global SPUN EXPEDITIONS program. The multimedia exhibition presents artistic works and scientific research on fungi (mycorrhizal) networks’ fundamental role in biodiversity and ecosystems.
Mikołaj Charchuta, Maksymilian Chmielewski, Joanna Hoffmann, Robert Kalak, Władysław Polcyn, Jadwiga Subczyńska, Maria Subczyńska

curator: Joanna Hoffmann, assitant: Mateusz Janik, poster: Maria Subczyńska

Discover the world of ecosystems living under the roots of monumental trees in the Bieszczady Mountains. This is part of a project to explore the last white spots on the world map – mushroom hotspots. Meet scientific and artistic myconauts!

We are an interdisciplinary team that, as part of the SPUN Expedition program, conducts research on the role of monumental trees and their mycobiomes in maintaining the natural ecosystems of the Eastern Carpathians Biosphere Reserve, especially in the buffer zone of the Bieszczady National Park. It is an area of exceptional biological, but also cultural and historical importance, located on the border of Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia. Our interdisciplinary ambition is to visualize extremely complex and rich fungal networks and to popularize knowledge about their fundamental role in local and global ecosystems, with an emphasis on showing the deep connections between biological, social and cultural processes.

We believe that a project combining scientific knowledge with artistic imagination and creative communication strategies will reach a wide and diverse audience, raising awareness and stimulating public engagement and actions to protect endangered areas that constitute the basis of our biological and social security.
The implemented artistic projects emphasize the deeply humanistic dimension of natural heritage as a common value that connects us “across borders”. At the same time, they strive to change anthropocentric paradigms in favor of a more holistic approach and to break the patterns of economic approaches to forest resources, both on a local and global scale.

Rhizosphere: SPUN EXPEDITION is an important component of the interdisciplinary artistic, research and educational project Rhizosphere: The Big Network of Small Worlds led by Prof. Joanna Hoffmann (FAE&CS, UAP), Prof. Marlena Lembicz (FB, AMU) & Prof. Władysław Polcyn (FB AMU) 

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