Joanna Hoffmann presented EpiMimesis, Epizone V: Shifting Identities at the STARTS residencies days. VERTIGO FORUM at the Centre Pompidou, Paris.

The VERTIGO FORUM event contributed to the knowledge and experience exchange between artists, producers, technology-based projects, artistic residencies programmes and other interested people.

EpiMimesis, Epizone V: Shifting Identities is a poetic immersive labyrinth of our shifting identities within a dynamic scientific data environment.

The project is designed as an immersive interactive journey through the imaginary labyrinth of our shifting identities within the ever-changing environmental data, powered by merging biotech and digital-tech revolutions.

While the prefix epi refers to the impact of the environmental data, the term mimesis suggests a creative interpretation or modelling of nature: looking not only for that what “is” but for what is likely or possible. Epimimesis evokes the notion of mimesis as a creative method of combining art, science, and technology. Towards striving to create a new quality or orientation of mind, for stimulating imagination and reflection. The project is referring to the perpetual human ambition to gain knowledge over ‘Big Data’ for tailoring a better future.

Epizone V is an artistic project realised in the interactive immersive environment being developed by EpiLab Team lead by Joanna Hoffmann.