Wetlands - history written in coal, prof. Mariusz Lamentowicz

exhibition and the accompanying meeting in the Communicatorium series, on March 11, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. in the library of the Faculty of Biology (Morasko Campus)

WETLANDS are unique ecosystems. Not only are they a valuable reservoir of water, but they also store fascinating information about the past fate of the world. Covered with vegetation on the surface, deep inside they hide the truth about the condition of nature. WETLANDS are diamonds scattered all over our globe, discovered in agricultural landscapes or hidden in the thickets of forests.

Wetlands are extremely photogenic areas. In Mariusz Lamentowicz’s works, long-term processes are interwoven with momentary states of nature, the play of light on the surface of sedges, moss or water. Sometimes it is an impression captured in a hurry with a cell phone, and sometimes it is a well-thought-out project using a SLR or mirrorless camera, at various scales – from macro to micro, from the air or in the form of a panorama.