Art Science Node(ASN) is committed to the sustainability of synergy between Art, Science and Technology. For example, this is achieved through the opportunities for the powerful exchange of ideas between theorists and practitioners in the fields of art, science and technology who have collaborated on this project. Art projects such as EpiMimesis Epizone V shifting identities are in keeping with one of the many aims of ASN as an organisation.

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Scientific collaborator

Janusz Marek Bujnicki is Professor of Biology, and head of a research group in the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw, Poland. His research combines bioinformatics, structural biology, and synthetic biology, and he currently focuses on RNA structure determination and design. He is an author of > 300 publications, which have been cited ~9,000 times. Bujnicki has also been involved in various scientific organizations and bodies active in the area of science and policy in Poland and in theE.U. For instance, he is a member of the Group of Chief ScientificAdvisors within the European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism and represents Poland in the European Science Advisors Forum (ESAF).

Prof. Janusz Bujnicki’s work with ASN has been vital to progressing our work within Art and Science. He has generously shared his knowledge, ideas and experience which has enriched the interdisciplinary excellence in art and science at ASN, which in turn benefits societies access to knowledge, ideas and experience between scientific and artistic milieus.

Bujnicki shares passionately his discoveries, as someone who is skilled at discussing complex ideas in accessible ways. Additional platforms such as working with the communication tools of art & science with ASN, extend his desire for science to reach more members of the general public, beyond the science community around the world. This participation also promotes the synergy between art and science for innovation and creativity.

About Laboratory Of Bioinformatics And Protein Engineering

Prof. Bujnicki leads an interdisciplinary group of scientists in IIMCB. They combine various approaches for studying the structures and mechanisms of action of biological macromolecules, in particular, RNA. Their key strength is in the integration of various types of theoretical and experimental analyses.

On the one hand, they use biochemical and biophysical approaches to characterize the structures and functions of bio-macromolecules experimentally. On the other hand, they develop and use computer programs for data analyses, in particular for modeling molecular 3D structures based on heterogeneous, low-resolution, and noisy experimental data.

They also use theoretical predictions to guide knowledge-based design and engineering of molecules with new 3D structures and functions. 3D visualization tools are essential in their daily work.


In their collaborative work, the Bujnicki team contributes computational simulations of RNA 3D structures and dynamics, mostly obtained with their software SimRNA. SimRNA is a method for ‘coarse-grained’ modeling of RNA, and it allows to simulate how the linear RNA sequence represented by a string composed of letters A, U, C, G folds into a 3Dshape. SimRNA can be used to analyze conformational landscapes and identify potential alternative structures.

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SimRNA can be accessed as a publicly available web server available here

Janusz Bujnicki and team