Augmented Reality Application

Last edited on April 15, 2021

The Augmented Reality Application ART & SCIENCE NODE is an art project in the form of a
mobile application using augmented reality (AR) technology. It allows Users to engage with
Augmented Reality and explore the possibilities when AR is integrated into the mobile device.  
The application is provided by Fundacja: Art & Science Synergy Foundation – Art & Science Node
[FASSF/ASN], a non-governmental organization registered in Poland, at Chełmińska 11/6, 60-645 in
Poznań, Poland, KRS0000548066, NIP PL7811907921 (hereinafter referred to as: „the Foundation”).

The Users of the Application are bound by this Privacy Policy.

  1. This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the „Privacy Policy”) specifies of the ART &
    SCIENCE NODE application by the method of collecting, processing and storing personal
    data necessary for the provision of services provided via the mobile application (hereinafter
    referred to as the „Application”) by the Foundation.
  2. The User of the Application is anyone who has the Application installed on a mobile device
    and uses the functionalities provided as part of the Application (hereinafter referred to as „the
  3. To ensure the correct operation of the Application on mobile devices, the User must agree to
    use the built-in camera in the phone so that the User can take full advantage of the augmented
    reality features. Lack of permission to use the camera will result in the inability to use the
    Application. Permission to use the mobile device’s camera is only granted while using the App
    and with the User’s consent.
  4. The application does not store any personal data that could enable a third party to identify a
    specific application User. Anonymous data on the Users’ activity in the Application may be
    processed by the Foundation for statistical purposes.
  5. The Application is provided to you “as is” without any warranty or representations of any
    kind. The User assumes all risk connected to installing or using the mobile app on the User’s
  6. If the User uses the Application to take an image of a third-party work, it is their responsibility
    to ensure that they have all necessary permissions to make and/or share the image.
  7. If the User uses the Application to take an image of any person or any minor, the User
    understands that he/she must obtain the permission of that person (or that person’s legal
    guardian if under the age of 18) before using that image in any commercial manner. The User
    agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of this App from any and all liability
    relating to any claim made against them based on the User’s use of the App.  
  8. The Foundation does not collect any identifying information about the Users of this
    Application and does not upload, transmit or store any images, video or audio Users captured
    with this App. 
  9. By installing the Application on a mobile device, the User accepts the rules described in this
  10. The Foundation reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy, and at the same
    time ensures that the rights of the User resulting from this document will not be limited
    without his consent.
  11.  Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be published on the Foundation’s website.

If you have any questions about the application and this privacy policy, please contact us: