ASN is excited to participate in the upcoming Eurobiotech 2019 conference to be held in Krakow, Poland from 23-25 September 2019.

Joanna Hoffmann Chair of ASN has been invited to participate in order to present the importance of the art/science synergy.

7th edition of the Central European Congress of Life Sciences Eurobiotech

A Breath for Leonardo

Joanna Hoffmann together with members of the EpiLab team Piotr Słomczewski & Andre Bartetzki presents an artistic interactive work “A Breath for Leonardo”, at the 7th BIOTECH Congress in Kracow.

This event takes place in the fifth centenary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death. The great Renaissance master became a symbol of human creativity and interdisciplinary knowledge, bridging artistic practice with ‘scientific’ exploration of nature.


An artistic work: “A Breath for Leonardo” is designed to pay homage to this great genius at the threshold of the digital age of New Renaissance.

“A Breath for Leonardo” is part of the larger arts & science project “EpiMimesis, EpiZone V: Shifting identities”, a project based on the assumption that we are living in a universe of interacting data, where all is data – from the entanglement of elementary particles through biological structures and the most complex Eigen-dynamics, with interaction at all levels. In such a world of interacting data, no data can be ‘lost’ nor considered as ‘vanished’. Even Leonardo da Vinci’s data are present, here and now, making us able to imagine him 500 years after his death and further.

Interactive installation

“A Breath for Leonardo”: is an interactive installation, in which the original, static two-dimensional diagram of Leonardo’s famous drawing of Vetruvian Man is transformed. Into a dynamic multidimensional geometry of the fundamental molecule of life, the RNA molecule. Using your breath, you can transform molecular states and move through various paths of the poetic labyrinth of shifting identities.

Be careful though you may interact with Leonardo’s data! existing as dispersed data in your environment, in your body and/or in your breath going in or out. By breathing you can inject your Leonardo’s data into the system influencing your path of the elusive labyrinth of shifting identities…


This art piece was developed with the support of Prof. Janusz Bujnicki’s Genesilico Lab, at the International Centre for Molecular and Cell Biology Warsaw, Art & Science Node Berlin, University of Arts in Poznan and the Institute of Biochemistry Polish Academy of Sciences. In the frame of a larger project EpiMimsis EpiZone V.

7th Eurobiotech

Agrobiotechnology and Personalised Medicine will be the leading motives of the 7th Eurobiotech, the European Congress of Life Sciences. Many of the critical issues of modern agriculture and medicine relate to biotechnologies. And since biotechnology is often controversial, the 7th edition of the European Congress of Life Sciences Eurobiotech will address some critical questions:

Who needs modern biotech and why?

Will it be possible to perform modern agriculture as well as personalised medicine without it?

Do we have any chance to avoid innovative biotechnologies in order to guarantee food, feed, pharmaceuticals,  diagnostics, and bio-materials for 10 billion people from the perspective of the year 2050?

The 7th edition of the European Congress of Life Sciences Eurobiotech 2019 will attempt to find the answers to these and many more questions using solid bioscience: bioinformatics, genomics, synthetic biology, and microbiology, in addition to the newest molecular techniques such as sequencing, new breeding techniques [NBTs], and plant diagnostics.

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