Dipartimento Di Biologia Ambientale Museo Orto Botanico SAPIENZA Universita Di Roma

Largo Cristina di Svezia 23 A – 24, 00165 Rome, Italy

ASN’s end of year event, Our Bio-Tech Planet: the Future of Plants and Humans will be held at the majestic and historic Botanical Garden in the center of Rome. Our multimedia artworks, interactive installations, events and performances will all take place within the green and fertile grounds of the gardens whose history will be juxtaposed with our futuristic event, creating a fitting context for change and growth. 

Part of the Department of Environmental Biology of the esteemed Sapienza University, the Botanic Garden was created in 1660 when Pope Alexander VII donated an area to the University on the Janiculum Hill. Its current location is the stunning Renaissance Garden of Villa Corsini which was built in the XV century and restructured in the XVIII century. The Villa was bought by the Italian state in 1883 and today hosts the “Accademia dei Lincei”, one of the oldest and most important scientific academies in Italy (laying claim to such alumni as Galileo Galilei, Charles Darwin and Louis Pasteur). The garden was donated to the Sapienza University with the intention of establishing a Botanic Garden. It covers an area of 12 hectares between the Janiculum hill and the Trastevere District and is characterized by a combination of historical monuments dating back to ancient Rome, the XVI and the XIX centuries. There are 13 plant collections, some of world importance, and about 2700 species in cultivation.

Our event will be woven within the marvelous plants and historic architecture where the future and the past will come together to bring out what it is to be human, to be plant, and to be here on earth at this critical moment in time.

The Botanical Garden on Google Maps