Art & Science Node Berlin presents immersive, interactive art projects by Joanna Hoffmann with a free mobile application using Augmented Reality technology

The application contains artworks related to the interdisciplinary projects embracing artistic research & practice, scientific discoveries and  technological progress.

RhiZone: [PapiLLa] is an artwork inspired by the research on the plants communication system, especially rhizosphere, the underground root-fungal-microorganism networks, (the so-called Wood Wide Web). The immersive environment of RhiZone: [PapiLLa] combines biological data with an imaginary future world when organic and inorganic networks will merge into one whole of Big Data processing. It might be perceived as  an imaginative organ of cyber symbiosis or a seed of new hybrid entity. The piece immerses the viewer in a imaginative semi-biological  network in which the boundaries between micro and macro systems, between organic and inorganic data processing are blurred. Music by Andre Bartetzki. website of the project

Vitruvian Woman [Poem1] is one of the set of performative poems which recall the renaissance tradition of humanisti exploring relations between a human being and nature in a post-natural world. The AR poem draws an imaginative thread through time and space, combining text, sound, image and movement. Music by Andre Bartetzki. website of the project

Created and produced by Art & Science Node (ASN)

Art Director: Joanna Hoffmann
Designer: Karolina Wlazło-Malinowska, Arkadiusz Rataj
Engineer & Programmer: Pablo Ardila, Arkadiusz Rataj
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