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About Art & Science Node

Art & Science Node (ASN) is a creative & innovative network aiming at and committed to the creation of the synergy between Art, Science and Technology. Based in Berlin, it has successfully established itself as a platform for sharing knowledge and experience.
ASN provides a platform for the artistic, scientific and technological milieus. It develops and supports interdisciplinary projects, organizes international exhibitions, discussion panels and “artists in laboratories” residence programs and interdisciplinary workshops. ASN team, members and partners are professionals – theorists and practitioners from multiple organizations and institutions found all over the world.
Public engagement and education are one of the most important challenges for the art and science communities. That is why ASN develops innovative communication strategies for the benefit of the society of knowledge.

Our Projects


which embraces 17 institutions and organizations from EU, Serbia and New Zealand under the Horizon 2020 program. The project supports the establishment of a responsible innovation pathway for the development and application of New Plant Breeding Techniques for chicory as a multipurpose crop. ASN contributes to the project through an innovative communication strategy of art and science synergy, giving artists and cultural actors a rare opportunity to work at the forefront of science and innovation.

RHIZOSPHERE | The Big Network of Small Worlds

An innovative program in the field of science art and art-science education, serving as a response to changes taking place in the contemporary culture. Science-art projects aimed at the research of the horizontal network of the rhizosphere in the context of the dynamic networks elsewhere. It constitutes a manifestation of higher education strategies aiming at raising the level of artistic education and mutual openness of the academic, research and creative environments, giving students access to interdisciplinary knowledge and experience.


EPIMIMESIS |  EpiZoneV, EpiZone [NULL]

Project receiving EU recognition with Vertigo S+T+ARTS Residency status, realised as an interactive immersive environment. Each of the parts reflects on the shift of identities powered by merging, digi-tech and biotech revolution. EpiMimesis project is developed by Joanna Hoffmann with EpiLab Team in collaboration with 3IT Fraunhofer HHI in Berlin. It refers to the perpetual human ambition to gain knowledge over ‘Big Data’ for tailoring a better future. Epimimesis evokes the notion of mimesis as a creative method of combining art, science, and technology.



Both the ASN’s motto and a series of events focused on various aspects of evolution, that influence not only biological sciences but the changing perception of ourselves and our relationship to the natural, social and technological environments. Project was initiated by the necessity to provide a platform for knowledge and experience exchange on the topic of how we shape today and the future realities. The new landscape of dynamic, post-digital reality raises questions regarding the coordinates of modern human identity. Art and science together might provide potential directions.


ART & INNOVATION |  Long Night of Science at DPM-IZ

The series of exhibitions organized in the course of the Long Night of Sciences in Berlin, in cooperation with German Patent and Trademark Office – Information & Service Centre Berlin (DPMA-IDZ). The concept reveals the juxtaposition between the artistic ideas and related achievements in technologies to the audience. The events provide viewers with the opportunity to experience how technical and scientific innovations inspire contemporary artists working with various media.


Public engagement and education are one of the most important challenges for the art & science community. ASN is actively cooperating with both artistic and scientific academic institutions in order to disseminate innovative message and experience through various education projects, such as the Rhizosphere. ASN supports Erasmus+ Programme and is engaged in the e-Twinning European schools’ community.


ASN supports education through the Rhizosphere: The Big Network of Small Worlds – an innovative and comprehensive program in the field of art-science-education. One of the project’s elements – Mikoryzator and an interactive workshop based on was a part of e-Twinning European program made from the beginning of September 2020. The program also includes a series of fieldworks, among which a workshop in Białowieża Forest National Park took place in April, 2019.