At ASN, volunteers are a core part of our team, and come from many different backgrounds, with different skill sets and interests. We are always open to hearing from potential new volunteers with an interest in art and science. We choose our volunteers by matching our current needs with the interests and skills of applicants. Interested applicants should submit a letter of motivation and current CV to management@artscience-node.com, with the subject “Volunteer Application.”



We are also happy to host students with interests or skills in art and science as part of an internship or praktikum program with your university, or within a program such as Erasmus. Interested candidates should have the details clearly resolved with your institution or program before contacting ASN. Applicants should submit a letter of motivation, current CV, and a letter explaining the details of your internship or praktikum program to management@artscience-node.com, with the subject “Internship Application.”



We currently have a residency opportunity for a graphic designer / animator or media artist, with skills in 3D platforms and/or interactive VR, AR (augmented reality), and other interactive tools. Interested candidates should contact us with a CV and work samples for more information on this opportunity at management@artscience-node.com, with the subject “Residency Opportunity.”


Multidisciplinary Collaboration

We are always looking for new collaborators or partners with a commitment to excellence and innovation in art and science. We are happy to hear from any of the following, to discuss how we might work together in the future:

  • Other art/science organizations
  • Informal associations or groups
  • IT or other private sector companies
  • Individual artists, scientists, humanists, and researchers in any academic discipline
  • Potential supporters with visions or resources to promote art and science

Interested parties should contact us with a letter of motivation describing your ideas for collaboration at management@artscience-node.com, with the subject “Multidisciplinary Collaboration.”


The opportunities listed here are open until further notice. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests for further information.