(Application Deadline: 31 December 2021/12:00 CET)

Our Bio-Tech Planet: Future of Plants and Humans

Humans are confronting threats and challenges of the Anthropocene, deep ecological and social crises. We have to acknowledge our growing responsibility for the future of not only our own species, but the entire planet. How can we draw inspiration from nature to obtain knowledge that will allow us to overcome the current crises and wisely move towards the world we would like to live in? How can synergies of Arts, Science and Technology contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive future for our society?

Art&Science Node (ASN) launches an international event including exhibitions, workshops, symposia and other art and science activities on an international platform with the aim of enhancing the art and science collaboration, in developing innovative, sustainable and more human-centred applications of emerging biotechnologies.

Thus, the open call invites artists to present artistic works based on emerging biotechnologies and technologies in general, that serve a social need (e.g. to enhance an ecological transition, to address climate change or biodiversity protection) and refer to the future of food, health, agriculture, biodiversity or our fragile ecosystems.

The aim of the contest is to present artworks that can best reflect on the main theme “Our Bio-Tech Planet: Future of Plants and Humans”.

Work Media:

Artists working with all media are welcome to apply to present their work at the exhibition to EU/international audiences. Digital art is particularly welcome.

Entry Requirements:

We invite artwork submissions responding to the theme of the event including but not limited to electronic new media and emerging artworks such as installations, interactive works, online works, animations, 2D-3D audio/videos, mappings, games, performances and screenings or other forms.

The jury reserves the right to exclude creations that turn out to be not realizable within the limits of the practical possibilities, keeping in mind that the works will be displayed during the exhibition. All specific and/or special equipment related to the artwork must be provided for or lent by the artists for the duration of the exhibition.

This international contest is open to all age groups and to all nationalities. Artists can present their candidacy for up to two artworks, not necessarily completed at the time of its submission, but a clear implementation description including pictures, videos, trailers or other suitable materials is required. Already exhibited artworks are welcome as well. English is the working language.

By submitting their artworks, the artists implicitly accept to participate in the final exhibition giving their consent for the display of the above-mentioned artworks.

Sample Requirements:

1. A cover letter (max. 200 words) describing an artwork proposal and its link to the theme of the present call.

2. Maximum 5 digital images. Images should be presented in JPEG format (less than 500KB/each) and link to the video documentation/trailer if relevant.

3. An artist resume including biography and portfolio (max. 5 pages, 2000 words).

4. Proposal shall be submitted via email (by Zip-compress.) and possibly via WeTransfer or similar to

Application deadline:

31.December 2021/12:00 CET to

Selection Process:

A jury composed of artists and scientists will evaluate the proposals and select the artworks for the event. The jury will proceed exclusively, confidentially and sovereignly with the full power of discretion for the selection process. Announcement of selected artworks/artists will be made on 31 January 2022.


Three winners will be rewarded by 4.000, 3.000 and 2.000 EUR each for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rank. The winners will be unveiled at the event’s opening ceremony.


ASN will provide free of charge to all selected artists an open international platform to present their artworks and concepts reflecting on the theme of the call. Selected artists will be granted up to 100 EUR for transportation expenses when necessary.


Artworks should be ready to be exhibited by 31 March 2022. Latest delivery time of artwork is by 31 May 2022. The delivery place(s) will be announced on time.