G E N E R A L  C U R A T O R I A L   S T A T E M E N T

We find ourselves at a crucial moment. Climate change, the degradation of natural resources, including air and soil quality and a growing human population put our global, societal and environmental systems – our future – under serious threat.

How can we steer the ecological hazardous curve towards a viable, acceptable future for plants and humans? How can we prevent further crises? Looking for inspiration and effective solutions we turn to plants, to Biotech, to AI, and more. Through plants we can learn the previously unknown and correct our mistakes. Through Biotech we can drive plants and humans to the future. Through AI we can gain efficient support for our mission. By opening our minds and responsibly developing the boundless possibilities of technology we hope to sustain Our Bio-Tech Planet and the Future of Plants and Humans.

The Our Bio-Tech Planet: Future of Plants and Humans (OBTP) event brings together a broad international and multigenerational group of innovators and experts in the fields of art, food, health and agriculture in Rome’s historic Botanic Gardens to begin a new constructive dialogue with the vegetable realm.

How can we use innovation in biotechnology to access the power of plants and forge a better future for us all?

OBTP sprouts from a five-year-long collaboration between ASN and our 16 partners in the EU Horizon 2020 supported Chicory Innovation Consortium (CHIC) which offers a platform for interdisciplinary collaborations between top EU scientists, artists, food experts and the general public. The intercultural, cross-disciplinary art/science/technology one-week event invites us to reflect upon the interdependence of plants and humans and our combined future through an art exhibition, daily panel discussions, workshops and live performances.

Vegetation systems and biodiversity, the future of agriculture, nutrition & health, Genetic Modification (GMO) and New Plant Breeding Techniques (NPBTs), life on another planet and interspecies communication are thrown into focus through this varied, interactive event. Artworks that span from molecular orchestration to novel “Urplflanze”, sensual interactions to virtual intelligent networks and micro-landscapes to interstellar wonderings will cover ground-breaking innovations and invite the public to engage in relevant, contemporary discussions, expanding imaginations and inspiring bold visions.

Our Bio-Tech Planet: Future of Plants and Humans dares to seek answers to uncomfortable questions through innovative communication strategies in which art becomes the language of scientific expression. Together, scientists and artists; humans and plants; the past and the future will try to unveil:

What next for the Future of Plants and Humans?

Curatorial Team:

Prof dr Joanna Hoffmann (Chair of ASN)

assistant curators: Dr Lara Bruno & Juliette Wallace