Night of Sciences, 11th June 2016

German Patent and Trademark Office / Art & Science Node in Berlin

Capture the Future(s): Evolution

Art & Science Node Berlin, October 2016
German Patent and Trademark Office/ Art & Science Node in Berlin

The aim of the event is to create a platform for meeting science, art and society to share the scientific and artistic views and/or visions on the biological evolution in relation to new paradigms provided by the progress in biology, physics and computer sciences.
The structure of the event:
Scientific debate
Art/Science Exhibition (with the special focus on the evolution through women’s eyes)
Art/Science Film program
Accompanying events




Science Café – Metacode Project

In partership with Biofaction and Biocatalysis Group Berlin Institute of Technology / TU Berlin Code-engineered new-to-nature microbial cell factories for novel and safety-enhanced bio-production.
The Metacode consortium gathers forces from 8 partner organizations (including academia and SMEs) under the coordination of Biocatalysis Group Institute of Technology /TU Berlin. It is supported by the European Union as a Collaborative Project in the Work Program KBBE.2011.3.6-04.