by Joanna Hoffmann & Andre Bartetzki (soundscape)

EpiLab Team

Multimedia exhibition with VR , 3D projections, immersive soundscape and more(!)

On view:  26.01.2018,  4-9 pm

An incredibly immersive digital experience, this exhibition invites the viewer to enter a poetic audio-visual environment, in which ephemeral traces of elementary particles, become scraps of personal memory, where virtual semi-biological network blurs the boundaries between micro and macro systems.

Between “internal” and “external” data processing, into the space { where ‘there are_noDreams; [and]Thought*_is _not born |yet|; }

The exhibition is related to the long-term project: EpiMimesis



‘What will the human race be at the moment of its extinction? A certain quantity of information about itself and the world…”

Italo Calvino, (World Memory)


Enter[NULL] refers to the transformation of our elusive identity within a dynamic environment of interactive data driven by the marriage of digi-tech and bio-tech revolutions.

The piece was inspired by traces of elementary particles observed in the Wilson condensation chamber. These particles derive from cosmic rays that carry information from distant corners of our universe. In contact with the atmosphere, they disintegrate into the rain of highly charged particles falling on our planet. Of course, they are too small for us to see. However, we can observe the traces of ionized gas molecules excited by energetically charged particles, fog-like streaks of small droplets that form a “cloud” that lasts for a few seconds. These traces make evoke feelings of irrelevance, ephemerality, failure of cognition. At the same time they remind us of the magnitude of the unknown to us, permanent interactions of the vastness of unknown types of data in our both “Big Data” and “Small Data” environments.

In Enter[NULL], these fleeting traces of micro-events, that connect us to the cosmic eternity, become scattered traces of personal and common memory looped in the virtual space “where ‘there are_noDreams; and_ Thought * _is _not born |yet| “.

The evolving narrative transforms the initially empty space with chaotically scattered traces of information, into a complex multidimensional semi-biological network, blurring the boundaries between micro and macro systems, between “internal” and “external” data processing, within the world where “all is data”.


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