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January 2017 – Capture the Future(s): Evolution. Elusive Identity
Partner program of Transmediale Festival:

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The partner program of the STATE Festival:
STATE of Emotions. The Sentimental Machine
When: 30 & 31 October, 18.00 – 22.00 – Info page
The announcement in 1956 by Francis Crick of “The Central Dogma”, establishing relations between DNA, RNA and proteins marked the onset of the so-called “molecular revolution”. It stirred the imagination not only of scholars but also influenced deeply cultural narratives. Artists brings yet another dimension to this micro world – the dimension of human emotions, posing the question: what kind of tools, scientific and cultural, do we have or must develop to apprehend the invisible?
The fundamental bio-molecules, which make life possible, are usually perceived as cellular robots, designed to perform their encoded functions. ASN will present several artistic projects making res invisible visible, in which cellular robots become not only metaphors of life and its evolution, of beauty and truth in nature, but also means of interpersonal communication and embodiment of human pride, creativity, desires as well as fears.